How to spot a fake Dom(me)!

Here are some tips on the behavior of a fake dominant

The Secret Diary of a Slut

We’ve all been faced with the dreaded fake Dom(me), but how do you know for certain whether the person you are talking to if genuine or as fake as can be? Heres an easy breakdown of red flags to keep an eye out for when it comes to someone new!

  • Right from the start they demand that you call them by their chosen title, in my previous writing I wrote about earning a title. A title can only be given once you have trust for that person because ultimately that title is you saying yes I am your submissive and yes my status is beneath you (in some sense). You can’t have that power exchange with someone that you have only just met, there is no relationship there let alone trust!
  • Their only concern issex, surprisingly not all BDSM has to involve sex, I generally know the…

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1 Response to How to spot a fake Dom(me)!

  1. Baby says:

    I agree with your Dom having to earn that title…they can’t demand it. I don’t believe a D/s relationship can work unless the Submissive wants the Dom to be their Dom. I don’t think the Dom can force the sub to want to be submissive. The sub has to feel that towards the Dom…they have to feel the desire to be submissive to him.
    I love being submissive to my Dom. I feel completely like this is the perfect relationship for me. I choose to be in this relationship with him.
    I don’t think we would have the relationship we do now if on our first date he had said “ok, I am the Dom and you are my sub”. I would not have known him well enough or felt the same desire towards him that I do now. We have let our relationship develop and it is stronger then I could ever imagine and we get stronger every day.
    He earns the title of “my Dom” from me over and over every day.

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