why do women read & like gay erotica?


Why do women read gay erotica? What do women see in guys having sex?

In What women want: Gay male romance novels


“The uber-masculine stock characters portrayed in gay romances have always had great appeal with heterosexual women,” Rinaldo Walcott, an associate sociology professor at the University of Toronto

author Alex Beecroft’s motivation for writing about the love that dared not speak its name has little to do with advocacy or adventure…”Although I have a very heterosexual life with my husband, writing m/m romance felt like I was coming out in a way: I am writing about all the fantasies I have had since I hit puberty. There is an element of women’s sexuality that has not been able to express itself for such a long time. These books allow that for me and the reader.”

in Straight Women/Gay Romance

As hot and heavy as some M/M romance sex gets, the bottom line is that it is predominately written by women for women…“Perhaps they are writing M/M sex correctly physically but portraying it emotionally the way a woman would feel.”

M/M erotic romance writers aim to do more than move us or entertain us; they aim to turn us on.



in Why Are So Many Gay Romance Novels Written By Straight Women?

maybe gay erotica is a woman’s version of a man’s lesbian fantasy, without compromising integrity.

M/M erotica allows women to watch guys have sex from a safe distance. But why do they prefer this genre over M/F or F/F? Simply because it’s about guys doing sex and this gets them hot!

Can women get “it” right, when it comes to the deed itself?

Check out:

A New Life

A New Life

Thomas laid down on top of him, pressing his body against Jordan’s. When their cocks touched and Thomas began grinding his hard cock against Jordan’s he heard a deep growl at the back of Jordan’s throat. “You like having my prick pressed firmly against yours, don’t you?” Thomas moaned against Jordan’s ear. “Yes, God yes, I can’t describe how good it feels. My cock is throbbing so hard for you right now.” Jordan brought his hands out from behind his head and wrapped his arms around Jeremy.




Thrusted Hard

in Thrusted Hard and Creamed!


Down and Dirty!

in Down and Dirty


Dominant Desires

in Dominant Desires


Craving the Boss

in Craving the Boss



Gym Buddies

from Gym Buddies




Gay Exhibitionist Discovery

in Gay Exhibitionist Discovery

Gay Exhibitionist Discovery1

Gay Exhibitionist Discovery2.PNG




Dumbass Trade at Length

in Dumbass Trade at Length


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