Sexual Healing (part 2)

Can #bdsm practices alleviate mental illness? This article discusses the limitations particularly in treating self-harm and using catharsis to relieve depression.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

When I was in one of my basic psychology courses in undergrad, the professor described sublimation with the following example.

Say you have someone who really likes to hit and beat up people. This is not an acceptable impulse in most of society. So he chooses to pursue a career as a professional boxer. He takes his desire to be violent and to hit people and sublimates that desire by channeling it into a professional career.

We can’t really talk about BDSM/kink and healing without addressing sublimation.

Sublimation is problematic for healing in BDSM. It can create very unhealthy dynamics and it fails to address the root of the issue someone is dealing with. The best example of sublimation gone wrong is what I have deemed “The Secretary Fantasy.” In the movie The Secretary the dominant (played by James Spader) finds out the submissive (Maggie Gyllenhall) is a…

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