Tips for guys who come too soon – how to avoid premature ejaculation


You don’t have to be the guy who blows his load too soon!

The worst thing for a guy is to come before his partner reaches their orgasm. It’s understandable if your partner is hot. If you’re inexperienced you’ll blow your load within 2 minutes of insertion.

What is premature ejaculation (PE)? check this video:

You may have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Here are some medical things you might consider:


ED may be a precursor to vascular disease (clogged arteries can also impede erections).  Recommends oil-free vegan diet.


Also, Blood Pressure and anti-depressant drugs can contribute to ED.

Back to PE. An occasional misfire might be tolerable if you’re open about your situation with your partner and, hopefully, they understand.

If you don’t think PE matters, check out the many dating disasters from  astoldbymua 

Big Frat Douche with an Itty Bitty


by the time I realized his little junior was inside of me it was OVER. Like legit I went to grab it to put it in and I realized it was a shriveled up like a little shrimp. I think I even laughed once he rolled off of me.

Your partner may be flattered that you think she’s hot, but she won’t be satisfied.

The physiological aspects of an erection:

A guy’s cock has 2  big cavities that expand when blood flow is trapped in it. Blood flow from the arteries enters into the corpora cardenosa in a guy’s cock and it becomes hard.  Keep supplies to your endothelium high and nitric oxide production high.

There are some exercises a guy can do to reduce ED:

A guy’s hard-on lasts as long as he can keep the blood in those cavities. Arousal is only the beginning. A guy has to sustain his erection until his partner gets off. Here are some tips:

  • Do some pre-jack with other partners or by yourself. Once you’ve blown your load a few times, the next ejaculation takes forever! One or two quickies beforehand should suffice.

Develop your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. Check out this video:

Men’s Exercise to Last Longer in Bed

In the article: Those Kegels Probably Aren’t Helping Your Erections

Average time to ejaculation went from 32 seconds to just over two minutes after six weeks. After 12 weeks, average time to ejaculation increased to almost 2.5 minutes. Men who continued performing the exercises and tracking results for six months all reported maintaining the longer times to ejaculation for the entire six months.


  • Wear a cock ring. Place the ring on after you get hard to trap the blood in.

Check out this video:

Cockrings 101

Also check Cockring Safety


  • Use a topical anesthetic on the sensitive areas of your dick. Usually, that’s the corona, the underside of the tip of your dick. I recommend any preparation with lidocaine 4% , preferably as a gel to absorb quickly. It should give you about 1 hr. of numbness. Some condoms have a topical anesthetic in the tip. I usually carry a few ounces for extra long sessions. If you’re going bareback check with your partner beforehand as they may have preferences about what lubes or other preparations are going into their orifices.
  • Take cialis/viagra or do Amyl nitrites (“poppers”) but not both. See your doctor for cialis or check sex shops for “cleaners”. Cialis is good for sustained erections. Poppers help you to relax (and is better for receiving anal sex) .  Most guys respond more to one than the other. When I’m doing porn, cialis works best for hours of takes but it’s effect can last for days. If I want to get going quickly, poppers take less time to get an erection and reach sexual ecstasy sooner.
  • Try natural supplements such as Vitamin C. You can purchase it by the kilo at Trader Joes’s. It’s better for your health and has no drug hangover.
  • Avoid succumbing to your latest erotic fantasies. Try to think of practical things. When I do sex work I concentrate on pleasing my partner…and getting paid! Otherwise I check out personal things about your partner such as what clothese she was wearing before she started, what kind of fantasies she has, etc. so you can get to know her a little better when you communicate with them after sex.
  • Avoid booze. Too much alcohol will deaden your erection.
  • Pot? Now that pot is legal in California and elsewhere many are trying it in combination with sex. Although the sex is fantastic, it may take awhile to connect your head to your dick.

Beforehand: do lots of cardiovascular exercise such ellipticals or steppers, fast swimming, biking or running. Build up your cardio output for longer lasting energy. Also work on your knees and hips. Yoga can help you attain better stretching to get your dick in all the right places. It’s bad form to poop out in the middle of a fuck.

Avoid heavy foods to divert bloodflow from your genital area. Some guys prefer enemas to lighten their load. Also it’s less likely you’ll have unwanted bodily odors.

Have lots of icewater on hand to cool your engine. I usually load up one or two icebuckets before I start and have a large glass of water nearby. Ice down any sore muscles (like a raw dick) after a session and you’ll be good to go for another run.

While you’re working your partner(s):

If you feel like you’re about to come, cool your jets! Perform a kegel, pull out, turn off your engine and do something different. If she asks what’s up, say you need a short break. Ice off your dick. I usually have a vibe and a butt plug handy. Do whatever you can to keep your partner going until you relax!

Communicate with your partner(s) constantly. Tease them. Tempt them to keep up with you. Make them want more. The best sex is in the mind!

Women take much longer to get in the mood. Touch them lightly as if it’s a massage to get them to relax. Avoid their intimate area until they signal you to go in. Keep going until they’re fully aroused and then sustain it until they’re satiated. Sometimes this can take hours, so be prepared.

Guys are usually a lot more direct. Go for the genital stimulation right away. Determine who will top and who bottoms. Get up and running quickly. If a guy regards you as a FWB, doesn’t want you to know him or he doesn’t want to know you, give him your best shot as he could be a one-off! If he wants to have more of a relationship try to outlast him. When he says he says he’s had enough say something like, “Aw man, I was just getting started”. Make him feel a little guilty so you can leverage some after-sex play from him. You may be surprised to find some guys make better kissers than fuckers!

You know you’re doing well when your partner asks you if you’ve finished. If you’re shooting dry bullets, you have to cover yourself politely with something like: “I’d like to do more…but maybe next time…”.

Afterwards. Always thank your partner for the time you’ve been with them and suggest that you’re open for another opportunity to get to know them more intimately. Suggest that you’d be amenable to fulfilling the fantasy they said in the middle of their orgasm (when they say things “I like it when you’re rough with me”, “stick your dick in deeper”, “slap my pussy harder”,  etc.)


Keep them wanting a guy who can keep it up until they are satisfied.

Is PE (or erectile dysfunction ED) all in the mind? Justin Duwe, a sexologist, thinks so. In an article , What is your penis trying to say?

The truth about sexual dysfunctions is that they are normally a way in which the body is trying to protect you….if you are feeling unsafe in a relationship, it would make sense for your penis to not show up and hide if he was feeling insecure. Same for if he was angry also, he would be stupid to have sex with someone he was angry with and quite clever if he passively aggressively didn’t give the other person what they wanted, i.e. a good orgasm…men tend to think with their penis, but were not taught how to listen to what it is saying.

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4 Responses to Tips for guys who come too soon – how to avoid premature ejaculation

  1. astoldbymua says:

    I’m not a guy but this was definitely an interesting read. LOL

  2. Vanilla Wife says:

    Due to chronic illness my husband and I went years with a poor sex life. Now that I finally am well enough to have a sex drive again we have been having some of these issues. Thanks for the info. This may make things even better!!

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