The Dominant knows

How a wise dominant may not give a sub what he wants but what he needs…and a sub will surrender to the dominant’s gift

Empress Hexe and The Emperor

Today, we want to briefly share experiences in terms of how, very often, the Dom/me knows what his/her sub needs even though that might not be what the sub wants. This is all the more important in our practice given that healing is at the core of it.

Our observation also goes beyond the introspective nature in the sense that similar patterns emerge in other D/S relationships. We have had interesting conversations with other Dom/mes and it is fascinating how the need-want dialectic is something that appeared in all conversations.
The flow of energy between the Dom/me and the sub is something very intense, no matter how the relationship manifests.

A couple of days ago, we met a friend, who is happily married to his Domme. In other words, they are a married couple who engage in the D/S state-of-being. He was explaining how desperate he was for play, CBT…

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