462. Thoughts on Appearances

How do you keep your D/s relationship going when you’re with outsiders?

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

One of the more individual views that people in D/s have is how the dynamics of their relationship appear to outsiders.  Some have a group of kink-aware friends they keep separate from their vanilla friends.  Some have a few trusted confidants they share their lifestyle with.  Some keep it a secret from everyone.

In my life I have somewhat split the difference.  My core family and my friends are generally aware that I am a sub, but they do not know the extent of it or any of the details.  I have in the past shared more details with some of my closer friends, but those friendships deteriorated for unrelated reasons and it didn’t really benefit me at all to do so.  It is common for me to simply explain to newer people that I meet that I’m pussy-whipped and she wears the pants.  As my friends generally aren’t dudebros…

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