Simple games to play with your sub

How to liven up your D/s with your sub…by playing games with him…if he loses, he’s punished!

Miss D

I enjoy playing games. All kinds. Board games. Cards. Dice. You name it. I’m pretty competitive so maybe that accounts for it.

So it’s only natural that as a Mistress I have incorporated my love of game playing into my dynamic. It makes things fun, exciting, and interesting. It also creates a good balance between those times when I’m being serious, sensual and/or sadistic, vs introducing some lightheartedness and friendly competition into the mix.

It can certainly provide some interesting and entertaining moments. For example when playing Race to the Finish, something was said that caused us both to burst out laughing and we couldn’t stop! Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on giving yourself an orgasm when you and your partner are laughing uncontrollably…. but you can’t stop what you’re doing because you want to be the first one across that finish line…. but the absurdity…

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