the kink tank: meeting #8

Why subs might learn positions, the most important rope ties, tips for was play and more explained

the kink tank

Monday, 26 March, 2018

Student objectives:

  • to learn the basics of rope tying

  • to understand the role of protocol in a “formal” BDSM setting

  • to practice sensory play and corporal skills

The eighth meeting of the kink tank included the training sub, two apprentices, two observers.  Judith was present.  Mistress Natalie had the night off, so I (Mistress Desiree) was on my own.  Dinner was leftovers and it wasn’t too bad.

We started with a demonstration of slave positions, with an explanation for why/when each position might be used.  For instance: a slave might be ordered to stand “at attention” when the Dominant wants them nearby and alert.  A slave might be advised to stand “at ease” if their Dominant wishes them to be relaxed but still ready to assist.  A Dominant will often train their slave to assume specific positions for greeting them, or for presenting their collar.  The…

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