Stages of dress: Display vs Humiliation

What can a sub guy wear…to display he is owned by another?

katanas toy

lovebirds_01lHow I am dressed in public with my owner can be to humiliate me, but it can also be part of saying who I am and who my owner is.

At one time, society was so strict that a even couple holding hands in public was frowned upon, even though it is human nature for a couple to display signals that show they are a couple.  Kissing and more intense displays may still attract comments, but generally are now accepted by society.

The next barrier was for homosexual couples.  Could they hold hands?  Could they clearly signal they were a couple in public?

Have we reached the level of enlightenment that a D/s couple can display their relationship status in public?

“in outfit”, with shoes locked, led by a leash with a gag in place is clearly too extreme for most general public outings.  My simply wearing panties under outer…

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