How some people think there is fun in punishment…when it’s just the opposite in an authentic #bdsm relationship

Understanding Flutterby

The term sets my teeth on edge.
I’m not going to play up in order to be punished, I’m cunt enough without that shit.

To me, being punished is a bad thing, it means I’ve fucked up, it means I’ve done something so bad that punishment is now on the horizon.
Guilt, dread, sadness,
now dog my every move.
Mocking that with funishment undermines what my dynamic means to me.

If something is desired, it should just be done.
Using the subterfuge of funishment is a manipulation I don’t like.
Don’t make up a scenario where I’ve done something wrong in order to set up ‘play’.
If you want it, just fucking do it.
I’m not going to say no to pain.

And it’s not that I don’t understand the concept, having fun being the point. But fun can be had without engineering a Carry On-esque situation;for me that just…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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