“Break Me” submissives and SAM types

How one can enter into a #bdsm relationship for all the wrong reasons…but eventually can right themselves

Branded in Blood

“I would say that you’re more of a mix between a break me and SAM. You crave you be overpowered but you fetishize the struggle. ”

Not wrong in the categories, incorrect in reason.

I have known all my life I am an alpha female. When I entered the shadow world of bdsm I quickly realized I was not like other slaves or subs. I did not have a soft and gentle, dependent approach. I was sassy, challenging. Whatever dominant thought he would try and take me without a fight, without proving himself, was barking up the wrong skirt. I knew I wanted to serve. I grew up in the south, in the church both catholic and Pentecostal. I equated D/s to many bible scriptures. Having a “servants heart ” was not a concept lost to me. I craved someone worthy to care for, to give myself to. My standards…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - late 20's
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  1. thanks for all the reblog, Dave

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