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C.E.I within the World of Femdom (Female Dominance)

Should a dominant order a guy to eat his own cum…if he’s never done it before? iWantClips Official Blog – iWantBlog CEI, short for Cum Eating Instruction, is a BDSM activity in which an individual, usually a submissive man, is … Continue reading

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2 plus 1 = threesome, pt. 1

If he’s bi, then he might reciprocate. For many women, the show has just begun. They want to see the second act. After that, they want to be the star performer in the third act.  Continue reading

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Liebster Award

If you have a new blog and want to be discovered… consider the liebster award!

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“My ex called herself an Asian F**k doll”

When your dominant stands you up…is it time to bail on him?

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Are you inhibited b/c you’re afraid of messing up the sheets

Try a set of these sheets and you’ll let go of your inhibitions: via How I Taught Myself to Squirt Like a Porn Star with Sheets of San Francisco and the Njoy Pure Wand

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I don’t like to use lipstick…but

she uses lipstick to remember where I’ve kissed her Continue reading

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199. An Open Marriage!?

Originally posted on Domestic Discipline, Jenny style!:
It’s about time for another general musing post, this time addressing my feelings about sex with Matt.   Ultimately, yes, we have an open marriage.  Like any kink, when it comes to labels –…

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Originally posted on Confessions of a Kinky Housewife:
Recently I was thanked after a play session with a relatively new play partner. As we sat in after care, he stated how difficult it was to express genuine, authentic feelings of…

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I don’t like to wear women’s clothes…but

sometimes a guy’s gotta go along with his partner’s wishes Continue reading

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Who’s a Good Boy? Tips and Tricks on Being the Best Submissive You Can Be

it’s ok to act bratty sometimes…as it gives your dominant an opportunity to exert control iWantClips Official Blog – iWantBlog Making the decision to enter a D/s relationship, whether full or part time, is not one that should ever be … Continue reading

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