An Intro to F/m – Part 4

How controlling & compliance styles of D/s differ…which one is best for you?

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

Continuation of this series… this post most closely relates to Part 2.

In M/f you will find a lot of subs that struggle with being “starved.”  That is, there aren’t enough D/s dynamics in place to consistently push them into submissive mental space and they will begin to ache for dominance.  This is most common for existing relationships that have introduced D/s at a later date where the dominant doesn’t embrace exerting control.  The consensus for dealing with this matter is to continue to keep communication lines open between dominant and sub and eventually a happy medium will be established that keeps a sub from reaching the point where they act out due to starvation.

In F/m you will find a mix of relationships that were D/s out of the gate and ones who have attempted to add D/s into an existing relationship.  In both types of relationships you…

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