An Intro to F/m – Part 3

Some of the things a lifestyle couple do may seem shocking… until you learn how they got there and how happy they are!

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

Blah blah, follow up to Part 1 and Part 2, stuff, disclaimers, reasons.

This is the last of these I intend to write unless people have ideas for additional topics.  The intent isn’t to bring up every possible F/m scenario, but more to illustrate some of the common concepts of the lifestyle.

This last section banks heavily upon a concept that I have written about in the past and called, Progressive Escalation.  Progressive escalation is the idea that as time passes, that the intensity of D/s dynamics will increase.  Dominants will become more dominant.  Submissives will become more submissive.  What once felt like a rush becomes boring and so you push the envelope into new territory to bring back the same level of excitement.  Most of the time when you encounter a couple that practices dynamics that have you thinking, “OMG HOW COULD THEY DO THIS??? IT’S SO MEAN!”…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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  1. naughtynora says:

    Love seeing his work shared! 🙂

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