Examples of why the stigma against victims of sexual abuse and the shame that comes with it contributes to less reporting of rape.


A hashtag started by award winning author and survivor Rachel Thompson asking why survivors don’t report has invited and received an influx of reasons and stories, providing a voice for those who so often have felt silenced.

I would like to tell the opposite side of the coins tale, the story of someone who did report. But this is to empathise with the fear of reporting in a climate where there are very few convictions, increasingly fewer with more complex cases. I will say it now though and I will repeat it at the end the post. I want to live in a world where a victim feels she can report, that she will be believed, that she will be protected, that she will not be exposed to further trauma.

Two and a half years ago was the first time somebody had asked me to acknowledge the possibility that I…

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