Why many victims don’t report rape & why Cosby might not get any jail time

I generally advocate the consenting adult type of sex, but there are much more non-consenting situations where perpetrators get away with the abuse to both women & men. If we want to support consenting sex between adults (including #SW), we have to also support the non-consenting victims, especially if they are afraid to come forward and report the incidents. We don’t want to allow politicians to conflate both consensual & non-consensual sex into the label of “trafficking” and criminalize both. Check out Ms. Thompson’s post on the subject below.


Regardless of where you stand on the Cosby mistrial, you have no doubt, heard about it. It’s unavoidable right now. And that’s okay. This is a necessary conversation whether you are a survivor or not. Criminal Trial vs. Civil Trial The Bill Cosby trial was a criminal trial. Many of his supporters don’t believe these…

via This is the Reason I Started #WhySurvivorsDontReport and Why it Matters Now — Rachel Thompson


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