He rammed me rugged, shallow but fast! I complimented every thrust with a loud moan of my own!


…… He untied me and told me to “shhhh” before he took out the gag. He made me promise I wouldn’t yell so much again. I did as quickly as I knew there was an option not to get that gag back into my mouth. I hated that gag in my mouth …….
Still on that couch we were, he readjusted my body position a little before he grabbed the white clothing material. He fastened my wrists to my ankles with the help of the white material. My hands on outside of my legs. He joined me on the couch with a pretty impressive hard on cock. Beautifully carved, slightly bent, very thick and looked ravishing.

He tapped on my clit with his hard on cock over and over again. Beating my clit till I was all wet. I tried to keep my moans as low as I could but…

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About dave94015

interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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2 Responses to HELPLESS 3

  1. naughtynora says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is freaking hot. Needing a cold shower now…

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