Can’t Find “The Right One?” You Might be the Problem

Are there no good men/women around anymore? What are you looking for in a date?

Love Letters to a Unicorn

Again today, as with so many days, I came upon a thread of women bitching about “no good men left.” As with so many of these threads on social media, relationship advice columns, and just general bitch-fests, there is a default consensus that there are no “good” men/women left to date and the people complaining are the only “decent” person in the world left to date.

Okay… so that is boring AF. But, I decided to meditate on the issue a bit here since I have had this conversation with so many folks in other forums. If you are really convinced there are “no good ones left” you should look at your assumptions, yourself and your life and figure out what your issues are.

1. There are good people left to date.

Pure and simple, there are plenty of “good” people left out there to date. The problem is, they…

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