Thinking of #sexiting?

Many of us choose #sexwork (#SW) for economic reasons. I followed a tweet from    

which linked to a Broadly article that described the transition of female #SW’s into other occupations, pursuits or retirement, [who are] “escorts who became leading activists and academics”.


Few sex workers stay in the industry for their whole working lives…Many sex workers view the industry as a short-term stepping stone to a regular (or “straight”) career, and aim to retire from sex work when they’ve amassed enough money…but  if they’re working in a country where prostitution is illegal…[they get] a criminal record and [are] unable to leave prostitution.

Ms. Elle and many other #SW’s (including me) are for decriminalizing consensual #SW. And yet we have a DA (Gascon) who we voted for in ‘liberal’ SF and a Cal.  State Senator (Kamala Harris) who are trying to bolster criminal penalties for SW by shutting down “Backpage” and labeling SW as “Trafficking”! It’s as if SW were dragging people off the streets into their bedrooms or dungeons! We have to press the cause for decriminalization and stand up against these moral prudes who we mistakenly elected!




Women who do #SW have it much worse than guys because society still shuns them for practicing it and silently admires guys for their sexual prowess. The causes vary, but the effect is that society deprives women from making a legitimate living from consensual sexual practices.

With this ramped-up persecution (the new “conservative order”) it may be harder for SW’s to save up for their next career or retirement.

And if you’re a SW, what is your exit-strategy?




I was fortunate to attend classes in Sexuality taught by former and currently active  #SW’s. Their views broadened my understanding of the SW culture greatly.

you can learn a lot more about these issues and get some interesting ideas from Domina Elle by following her on Twitter.

For more views on #SWm  follow

mistressmatisse @mistressmatisse 






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