Lunch date with “friends.”

Why should a woman who has a poly relationship with 2 guys be shunned as Feminazi by “Christians”?

Domina Jen

Do you have any of those friends that you used to be so fucking tight with, and you just adored, but then as you got older, you drifted apart to the point that you really don’t have anything in common anymore, and you can’t even really stand each other’s company, but you remain friends anyway?

You know, the kind you go without seeing for months and months, and then you start to miss them, and all the cool shit you did back in the day, and their many, many, many faults start to seem smaller in the unique rosy light of nostalgia, and you think to yourself, “God, I miss them.  Why don’t we hang out anymore?” so you arrange a hangout, and ten minutes into the hangout, you think to yourself, “Oh yeah, this is why we don’t fucking hang out anymore.  Because they’re fucking idiots.  Why can I…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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2 Responses to Lunch date with “friends.”

  1. Domina Jen says:

    Thanks for the reblog. But I wasn’t called a Feminazi by a Christian woman.

    I was shunned for being poly by the Christian, and shunned for being a stay-at-home mom by the Feminazi. Two separate women. The first has the nickname “Christian,” and the second has the nickname “Feminazi.”

    And I’m the one who calls the second woman Feminazi, not the other way around. I call her that because she abuses her son and believes every woman who doesn’t live what she considers a feminist lifestyle is contributing to “the Patriarchy.”

  2. dave94015 says:

    gosh! You’re attacked from all sides, it seems. I thought Vegas was open-minded. I got distracted reading your post earlier. My mistake! I like reading your blog even if I don’t comment frequently. -D

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