Embracing My Inner Fetishist

How some disguise a fetish as kink…may not be necessary as the taboo recedes

Goddess Hazelnut Latte


About a year ago, I wrote a blog post discussing the start of my BDSM journey.  At the time, I was reluctant to use the word ‘fetish’ due to all the stigma surrounding it.  Instead, I referred to a specific like as a ‘kink’.  While there is a clear difference between the two terms, ‘kink’ is often (and incorrectly) used to denote a ‘fetish’, in order to make it seem socially acceptable. 

Let’s first provide some official definitions.  A kink is an activity (with an erotic intent) that moves beyond what is considered socially ‘normal’.  A fetish on the other hand, is a fixation with a particular practice, object, idea that drives (sexual) pleasure.

To generalize further, a kink is determined by social norms and definitions.  A fetish on the other hand, is a personal concept and driven by our individual preferences.  To…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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