Writing Assignment # 2 – What My Collar Means

How a collar is a reminder…of the commitment to one’s Dom

Collars, Cuffs and Wedding Bands

In BDSM literature, the pinnacle of a Dom/sub relationship is the collaring of the submissive. Some Doms have more than one collared submissive at a time. But all in all, it is a symbol of the submissive’s commitment to serving to THAT Dom, and the Dom’s commitment to care for and treasure the submissive’s service and trust in them.

There are many types of collars in many different materials: leather, lace, stainless steal, pearls, etc. And in certain communities different collars can mean different things. For some examples and explanations, I found this website very helpful.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of collars. I wanted a symbol of my commitment to Master as his submissive. I wanted something he could look at any time of day or night and think of our connection. If I’m sitting on the couch reading or writing, if I’m snuggling our kids, if…

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