Sketching for Collage : Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts

some tips on building a collage of sketches

Citizen Sketcher

The other day USK Montreal was out for the first of our Montreal Monument sketching meetups. This time out we were at Place du Canada, right next to Marie Reine du Monde cathedral.

I knew we’d have a big turn out. Spring is here! And it seems like every 4th Sunday we get more people. So I planned to be talking to a lot of people and generally not paying too much attention to my drawing. Just making little sketches and having fun. 16Apr24_MarieRienneDuMonde_Solo_MessI ended up getting about 15 sketches? Something like that. Some of them quite wild. Many done in 5 minutes or less.

These are sketched with dipping pen nibs and either Higgins Sepia or R&K Blue Mare. I was drawing in two ring bound Canson Mixed Media pads. Why two pads? So I could leave one to dry while I drew in the other.

Here’s the final result, combining ten sketches:16Apr24_MarieRienneDuMonde_Sketchcrawl

I didn’t have a strict…

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