why are women down on guys who support a prodomme’s sex-work?

In an earlier post I brought up the topic of women disliking prodommes. Much of the blame eventually was directed to men who support the industry. The reasoning is that if men didn’t pay for the prodomme’s services, these sex-workers would be out of business.

This criticism is a variation of the one accusing men of promoting sex work in general. There is an effort to label this activity as “Trafficking” and apply the Nordic model for regulating it.

These countries’ laws prohibiting the purchase of sex are often depicted as ways to redistribute the guilt and shame of prostitution from the seller to the buyer of sex. However, this was by no means the only argument for their introduction. Contrary to many common feminist appraisals, these laws do not in fact send a clear message as to what and who is the problem with prostitution; on the contrary, they are often implemented in ways that produce negative outcomes for people in prostitution.

Basically, the laws based on this model often snare the providers of the services. There are many lengthy arguments of why women choose sex-work as a business and an avocation. Yet little has been said by men who, presumably are:

drooling, sleazy “perverts” [who are] taking advantage of damaged, drug-ridden providers [and the accusers]  mean to herd and de-humanize both sex workers and clients.

One could argue that prodommes even abuse their clients (beyond taking their money) but most successful ones practice SSC or RACK  – despite what is often depicted in femdom media.

Prodommes do not drag guys into their dungeons. Guys go willingly, if not eagerly, to the women who provide a service that they are willing to pay for.


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One Response to why are women down on guys who support a prodomme’s sex-work?

  1. dannie1955 says:

    I wish there was more of an effort to regulate what pro Dommes do. Client s don’t actually understand the reality of their desires and fantasies. The Dommes do. To be totally controlled, to be a slave could mean being broken down emotionally/mentally. Many are using highly addictive hypnosis. Many believe in conditioning their clients to do activities that they originally did not want to do. Is that professional?

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