Safety, Sanity, Risk Awareness, and Body Autonomy

Are the #bdsm community’s SSC or RACK ethics sufficient to justify their core practice? An interesting discussion in this post.

The Bee hive

Safe, Sane and Consensual was the motto of the BDSM community when I first became involved in 1999. Every kink organization I came across espoused the principle that BDSM play must be done safely, with people of sound mind, and above all, with consent. This all made perfect sense to me. The mantra served to confirm for ourselves that our lifestyle was not an unprincipled and reckless orgy. We had rules, you see. It also served to reassure newcomers that what they were about to do would not harm them.

In a sense, I think it was used as a shield against the criticisms that were present in the vanilla world. If an uninformed vanilla person condemned BDSM as dangerous and abusive, we could hold up SSC and say, “no, see, this is what makes it okay.”

Of course, while some of us had an interest in letting others know…

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