Rope Workshop -Millenials



@DanaramaSF conducted a rope workshop at one of the local colleges attended by mostly millennials. His background matched their interest: he liked goth fashions,



went to Bondage a Go Go and became interested in bondage. He now works at Kink University  and promotes bdsm techniques.

He presented a brief history of bdsm. There were lots of nervous laughs when he remarked how kink could be a useful skill for a student to earn a little extra money. Then he went on to a demonstration of spanking and flogging of a female. He explained that only a small amount of spanking was necessary to get her endorphins going. He next demonstrated his masterful flogging technique of her butt cheeks with a soft suede flogger. She didn’t wince once.Then he showed us how to flick the singletail whip and various canes. Next he demonstrated the ways to tie her hands and how to make a chest harness with rope.

If you’re new to rope I recommend a workshop or watching Kink U’s video tutorials .

After the presentation, ropes were distributed to attendees to practice on each other. The groups that formed were largely of the same gender (few m-f pairings).

The future participants to bdsm culture may more resemble college kids than the older Leather folk one still sees at the local street fairs .

Absent were heterosexual couples of either maledom or femdom.

Of course, many attendees may have only a slight interest in kink. But there were same-sex couples that seemed keen on spicing up their relationship.

The bdsm culture is changing with the next generation as it becomes more acceptable to Millennials.




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3 Responses to Rope Workshop -Millenials

  1. rushmorejudd says:

    It seems like in the older generations that submissive men are older and weren’t that way in their 20’s or 30’s but came to be in their 40’s and 50’s. I don’t sense the same late blooming with submissive women – they seem more open at a much earlier age, even in their teens. Gut sense. What do you think?

    • dave94015 says:

      I have attended several rope workshops, BDSM events popular to college youth and TNG parties. Young men have a reluctance to acknowledge their submissiveness, especially to their peers. Women seem to accept it as part of their nature. Some women speak of disliking dominant women. This could be a lingering cultural artifact of gender expectations and peer pressure. Younger women (not just those into femdom) are more accepting of submissive men as fellow submissives. Younger gay males accept topping & bottoming as part of the relationship but straight men seem to be more reluctant to accept a submissive relationship with a woman.

      Overall, Milennials are more tolerant of the BDSM lifestyle than previous generations. They often reject the older generation’s rigid rules, protocols and tastes in fetish . The old guard frequently criticizes the younger ones for showing up at BDSM events in goth garb or simply tees & jeans instead of leather & latex. The Millenials prefer to hold events that exclude the older BDSM generation.

      As one of them said to me: “I don’t want to go to a party that has people as old as my parents”.

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