the talk of the town


Hey sailor…wanna go for a ride?”


What were the women dressed like high-class hookers doing walking Union Sq. last night?


Was it Fleet Week or the Salesforce party in Maiden Lane?

To be fair, Salesforce brings a lot of people in town who do patronize our special services. The head of the Co. is known for his generosity – his name is on almost every hospital in the area. I guess that’s insurance in case he gets hit by a drive-by or mugged in his driveway. But there is one exception – that’s the Zuck wing at our local hosp. Thankfully
You gotta let in more illegals…I need cheap labor!”
“The Zuck” stepped in and contributed a big chunk of change when locals were unwilling to pay for a hospital whose service they can’t afford – unless they’re the lucky ones who claim they have no income & no assets and they get it all free.
Seems like many Americans can’t afford Affordable Care“.
And now about the coming and goings of the Billionaires…
Ain’t we filthy rich?!!!
Speaking of Hillary, Forbes recently listed the top 20 richest people (> $2Bn assets) in the US and 14 of them live in the bay area. And Hillary knows them all. She sees them whenever she swings into the area. You’d think these wealthy plutocrats would fell they have something in common with Hillary’s opponent (DT). But then they probably don’t like his idea of closing tax loopholes , limiting cheap foreign labor and cutting other subsidies they have come to like.
Now, please don’t get on a rant and accuse me of being a DT supporter.
I’m for religious freedom…to discriminate against Gays!
I sure don’t like the stance Pence, his VP, has taken against GLBTQ in Indiana (“whose yer ‘Hoosier’?”). I just hope the two candidates exchange enough slings and arrows so we can get something out of their scripted campaign – old fashioned political mudslinging! I probably won’t make up my mind until at least the election. I have always supported the “none of the above” option, tho.
Guys, what do you think of my ‘Rainbow Pantsuit’ collection?
In fairness, I guess I should attend  a Hillary rally – but I just don’t have $50K lying around. Somebody help me! Contribute to my GoFundMe campaign:  “I wanna see Hillary”!
We’re gonna get rid of them @#*^ illegals!
When I was in SoCal doing a porno I wandered into a Trump rally. They didn’t charge me anything to see him ranting against illegals in Az on a jumbo screen. I did give his organizers some of my spare tip money on the way out so they wouldn’t chase after me in the parking lot. They were very grateful.
And now for some local #SF politics…
I’m in charge of San Francisco. Anybody who doesn’t play ball with me will feel my bat!
Back in SF, Let us not forget the passing of Rose Pak.
You boys take care of San Francisco while I’m gone!”
She was kingmaker to 2 of our mayors:  Willie Brown and Ed Lee. With her gone, there is a power vacuum. If only all supporters would come out for a few minutes and vote for the candidate of their choice. But with Rose gone, there’s no one around to tell them who to vote for…or do the voting for them!
I’m lately not sure of who to support in the California senate race: Scott Weiner or Jane Kim.
No, I’m not a weenie like ‘Little Oscar’…I want to be your Senator!
Scott Weiner (yes, that’s his name…no jokes, please) generally supports the GLBT issues of “The Castro” (he supports HIV treatment and takes Prep) – except
We just love to hang it all out in San Francisco!
Weiner authored a law that forced the nude guys who walk around the gayborhood to put a sock on their dongle. It was for ‘family values‘, he says (“Mommy, what’s that thing hanging off that man?”).
I have seen Mr. W. around town but I haven’t checked out his package.
Now Ladies, are you sure this will get me the Drag Queen vote?!
His opponent, Jane Kim, recently appeared in drag. Decisions! Decisions!
Speaking of Sex
I received my first content violation warning from Tumblr. They said I can’t upload any video with “sexual content”.  As we all know, Tumblr has no ‘sexual content’ .
I told you not to post your spankings on Tumblr, boy!
I posted on Tumblr a clip of a guy spanked by an older man (his “Daddy”?).
There was no actual sex in the clip but Tumblr believes a hard spanking is sex? If I only knew that when I was spanked by my “paw”!
Of course Tumblr has been on the slide since Yahoo Inc. bought it out. The bean counters couldn’t think of a way to make it profitable. But they can at least “clean it up” before they sell it to some big cash-rich sucker.
My name’s Marissa…and I love to ride the Zamboni!”
Yahoo’s new hatchet person, Marissa Mayerpurchased a funeral home next to her house. Some say it’s to keep the paparazzi from taking pics of her walking around her home in her underwear but others claim she wants to make a monument of herself like the Lenin memorial in the Kremlin.
But, as some of you know, she surprised us. After cutting interesting apps out of Google for awhile, she did the same thing at Yahoo. And now she’s said to be doing the “Pump N’ Dump” there.  This is where you glut your social media with lots of frivolous ads and project the revenue to be much more promising. Then when enough suckers buy into the stock, you sell your large holdings at a tidy profit. She is said to “outMeg” Meg Whitman.  If only she’d fix Yahoo mail. Have you ever looked at an email you forward to someone using Yahoo Mail? Total garbage! But, hey, what do you expect for free? Hell I’d pay a few bucks for my mail if only they’d fix the glaring problems (Yahoo Mail forwarded mail correctly in the past). Instead, Yahoo displays banner ads from Walgreens for adult diapers & Metamucil since gramps asked me to pick up some things from the drugstore. Actually he wanted condoms & lube – but I guess the sex industry isn’t allowed to advertise in the newly reformed “Christian” Yahoo.
I could go on, but you guys get my drift?

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