Healing in humiliation, degradation and fear play

How a #bdsm session of #humiliation can aid in processing some of your most deeply held emotional stressors #exposureTherapy

Madame Raphael

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the therapeutic aspects of kink.  I had recently participated in some fairly extreme play that involved my dishing out some rather twisted verbal abuse that ended up really making my heart sing.  As a kinkster who wasn’t much of a sadist herself, she expressed a bit of curiosity and confusion in regards to why I enjoyed it or how it could possibly be a healthy outlet for anyone; the receiver in particular.  

So, as a sadist whom is ultimately (and perhaps ironically) into kink for the purpose of a weird sort of healing and growth, this query had me pondering: how on earth could verbally humiliating and degrading someone possibly be healthy?  How could it be at all ethical or beneficial to terrify and reduce another person to such a blubbering pile of human tragedy?

Personally, I see it something like this . . .

Humiliation and fear…

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