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If you’re working toward a #bdsm lifestyle choice, here is a link to an example of one of the more restrictive rules for a male sub.
Most guys probably can’t live up to these rules all the time. Of course, if they slip up they are often punished. The #bdsm relationship is reinforced and #TPE is established.
Naturally, many cannot live the lifestyle totally due to work or social comittments. This may serve as a goal or possibly a fantasy that you may attain someday.

life in chastity

Female Led Relationships By Mistress Christianna 1. The submale must always practice traditional courtesy which men have shown Women in polite society, whether in private or public. Stand when She enters the room. Sit (or kneel) as soon as She is seated. 2. Be totally attentive: open doors, wait at table so that She begins…

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