D/s Relationships: a big question.

How couples in a D/s relationship might need to reconsider some of their practices when they move in together

katanas toy

weddingCakeMy owner raised a big question: when are we going to move in together?

Now while my owner is prone to fluctuations on even such matters of this and I should wait to see if this remains a plan,  it still raises the consideration, “what do I actually wish from a D/S relationship?”

How will D/s interact with daily life, and who will become aware of the nature of our relationship?

I believe in gender equality, rather than superiority of one gender over another.  To me this means equals overall, rather than equals in everything.  Equal in a right to form an opinion.  To me it is normal that the male has the greater physical strength and physical power.  To me it is normal the woman holds the greater power in the relationship.

To quote Elise Sutton:

Wives have dominated husbands behind closed doors since the beginning of human history…

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