D/s and life

an example of how real life intervenes in a D/s relationship…and how it can be useful to allow relaxation of the rules

katanas toy

christy-turlington-on-the-set-of-maybelline-commercial-in-new-york-03-29-2016_1.jpgFor some people D/s is a fantasy to ‘play’ in at designated times and even in specific places.  But for others, the dominance of one partner over the other is real, full time, and interwoven into their entire life.  In the classic early 1900s world a male would be dominant over his female partner by virtue of both his physical strength and his financial control.

To observe the control of a physically small human owner over a powerful Great Dane pet, is to observe how training and other factors ensure that it is not always physical strength determining who is in control in a relationship.  maxresdefault

However with those Great Danes, their owner knows their owner know their submission to her must constantly be reinforced and that any break from the trained roles risks the stability of control. But with a human relationship, how practical is maintaining the submission sufficiently…

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  1. analadvice says:

    This is pretty, and Awesome. Love it.!

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