Coming out of my shadow

how one person’s poly relationship style is different from another’s…and how to recover from disappointment and rejection

Dancing the Path

I have spent quite a few days sorting out how to write this, what to write, if to write. At first I was going to omit certain things, take “Authoritive Liberties” and edit for content…but then I got to thinking, why? This is my story, my blog, I started this for me and if I can’t be honest with myself here, then where oh where can I be? So…here it is, me stepping out of my shadow.

I was sixteen when I made the executive decision that I was bisexual, that I liked both women and men and that I would love to have some sort of a relationship with both sexes. Being a girl, and being so young I’m sure it was thought of as a phase and also, being that I was still doing mostly straight things, I wasn’t a concern to my family so it was pretty…

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About dave94015

interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's
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