Pain as a punisment

How manipulating your partner’s subspace can change funishment into punishment

Domina Jen

So I recently reconnected with an ex (we’ll call him Beck) after he reached out, asking about my views on love.  Since then, we’ve talked about a lot, but he did bring up an interesting point.

In a recent post, I made the comment that using pain to punish a masochist is never a good idea.

However, a few months ago, in my group on Fetlife, I made the comment that I will use pain with a masochistic sub, with great success.

And for someone who’s so into precision of language and all that, it’s a bit on the unclear side.  So allow me to clear it up.

First of all, here’s what I wrote in the group discussion.

I’ve always had success using various forms of corporal punishment. Subs like my husband are easy. He doesn’t have a masochistic bone in his body, and hates pain. But even masochists I’ve…

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