So, What is Sex-Positive & Why Do I Care?

#SexPositive – is it an archaic term that has lost it’s common meaning?

Love Letters to a Unicorn

Sex positive has become a new catchphrase in the professional word of sex educators and writers and body-positive movement folks. I am hearing more and more people use the term. It has even made it into the Huffing Post, so it is pretty ubiquitous anymore. However, I am not sure there is an agreed upon usage. There is a pretty standard definition for the term.The Women and Gender Advocacy Center at Colorado State has a great page laying out the meaning of sex positive, its origins and what it is not. [see here:

Most professionals in the mental health fields, sex education and sex work industries tend to use “sex positive” to mean a belief that all sex, as long as it is healthy and consensual, is a good thing. We don’t use it to mean everyone has to have a lot of sex, or has to have sex…

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