Amanda Baker Shakes Her Moneymaker

Is the ‘gold look’ expensive…or gaudy? Either could work for your book cover!

Walker Long

This is another case when I went the stock photo route (honestly, making my own covers is too much work sometimes). In this book, a young woman improvises a strip tease to make up for forgetting to hire a stripper for her step-brother’s bachelor party. For a story about booty shaking, it’s only natural to have some booty on the cover.

I also really wanted shiny, gold shorty-shorts. For one thing, they’re sexy. For another, the color gold symbolizes expensive. And not always in a tasteful, refined way. Gold is the color of stuff that’s expensive just for the sake of being expensive. Gold is the color of showing off. It’s a “moneymaker” that she’s shaking out there, after all, so it only makes sense that it’s gold plated. I also echoed the shiny, gold fabric behind the title to continue the theme.

Specific requirements like that can be a problem…

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