Critical Collar Crisis and Colossally Conceited Cretins

How acting as a #switch…can get your posts deleted from some groups in #Fetlife…

With Peppermint on Top

Source: Photobucket user leocusp9
Source: Photobucket user leocusp9 …    This is a nice photo to make up for the not-so-nice content of the post.

A few days ago, I posted this on Fetlife in a group called “Dominant Women and subs/slaves who love them.”

The collar – ultimate sign of the submissive. From what I have understood of the BDSM community, giving a collar to your sub has a great deal of significance, and for some, the symbol of the collar is akin to the wedding band.

Which is why I am left in a bit of a crisis. I hope that better and more experienced Femdoms and Doms alike can potentially help me with this issue. You see, my House-hubsand has a collar – that he got from his ex-girlfriend.

Do not get me wrong: it is a gorgeous collar. I believe it is a Northbound Leather piece, sturdy  and with a…

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