Social Media & Relationships

How your partner’s activities on social media may not be something to get jealous about…and how to spend quality time with them

Mistress Valiant

By Mistress Valiant 💋💋


Whether BDSM or vanilla, social media effects most relationships at some point or another.  I’ve seen it enhance a relationship, but I’ve also seen it destroy relationships.  I think with any issue that faces a couple communication and honesty are the keys to establishing a foundation built on trust.  The temptations and misunderstandings that arise from social media’s influence can tear down even a seemingly strong foundation.  So let’s talk about it.

I consider myself a strong and secure woman, and I don’t consider myself a jealous person.  I have my moments, I call them “crazy chick moments” in a very tongue in cheek way, but they are rare.  So it really bothers me when people make me, or anyone else, male or female, feel bad or like a crazy, jealous, insecure person because social media sometimes can be upsetting and hurtful.

The difference between being…

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