Male Submission -Fantasy vs Reality

some possible reasons why a guy new to submission might back out from his first meeting with a dominant….and ways to work it out

Mistress Valiant

Source: Submissive Guide – Male Submission – Fantasy vs Reality

By ted_subby on March 26, 2013
In part 1 of my series of articles on male submission I wrote about one archetype of male submission “The Worm.” For clarification, a large majority of male submissives do not fit that mindset as there are plenty of other dynamics. However, one topic which is common to many male submissives is that the fantasy of desires and the reality of those desires are often quite different. Of course, fantasy vs reality is not unique to male submission or to BDSM. Most everyone has as-yet-unfulfilled hopes or desires of some sort and the reality of those desires is often different from the ideal of what we believe that we want. For male submissives with BDSM desires, this issue seems to be common.

Many dominant women on FetLife comment about submissive men who contact them…

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