What it’s like to be poor and anxious

what it’s like to be living paycheck to paycheck…with anxiety!

hiding in plain sight

I do not currently have enough work in the month of June to justify buying a bus pass. Sometimes, if the discrepancy isn’t too big, I’ll buy one anyway just to avoid the constant stress of worrying about money every single time someone asks me to come out somewhere. But this time I’d be essentially wasting $100 or so if I did that, so individual fares it is.

And this is the point where I start doing endless calculations and bargaining in my head to try to save even more money. See, psychologically speaking, if I have a bus pass then every time I go places I’m getting my money’s worth out of the pass. Without a pass, I’m spending money every time.


Some of my upcoming gigs, I could walk home from (albeit it would take a couple of hours). I’d save on bus money doing that, but…

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