Anti-Social Vs. Demure

#discipline might help improve one’s personality

Maeve's Submission Talk

Does speaking to everyone make you social? Does not speaking make you anti-social? What is the difference between being anti-social and effectively demure in public? Can a type A personality go from being social to demure and make it work for them?

The goal of this post is not just to educate you but also myself as we explore this topic together. i invite your thoughts and questions, and look forward to hearing your point of view on this subject. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started.

In my previous post i talked about Master taking my voice because of my not using it properly. Now i would like to explore how to go about using it appropriately. Earlier today, i had to sit down with Master’s son and talk to him about the way he was speaking to me.

You see the boy is about to turn three…

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