Surviving Your Partners NRE

Here are some of the reactions others in your #poly family (#polycule) can have with #NRE

Have Your Cake And Your Girlfriend Too!

NRE, also known as New Relationship Energy, is that giddy excited feeling one gets when they enter into a new relationship. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to years even. How long and the intensity depends on the person and the relationship.

Regardless of who is in the throes of NRE it is never a contained energy. You don’t just get to sit and hold onto it while everything else in life goes unchanging in its original direction.

Time for a gross example! It’s like sneezing without covering your mouth. You are the one sneezing, but everyone within a certain radius is going to get hit with some amount of your spray. The closer someone is to you, the more of your germ blast they get.

Now NRE isn’t typically gross, but we have established that it does have an effect to the other people in the NRE…

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