How to Make a Homemade Humbler

The humbler is a minimal type of predicament bondage…that can be made inexpensively!

Mistress Valiant

My favorite household toy is the homemade humbler…

By: Mistress Valiant

In case you aren’t familiar with the Humbler, click here Humbler Wikipedia . A humbler is a device for males only, and it is intended to ‘humble’ men by keeping them on their knees. It attaches around the balls with long sections that hug the back of the legs, pulling the balls back and down, while giving them a nice squeeze. It is tolerably comfortable as long as the make remains on all fours, but if your submissive male tries kneel upright or stand they swiftly be deterred.

These devices can be costly, but you can have your sub make his own for pennies. I enjoy making my pets select and even shop for their own punishment tools, so this also serves that purpose.

To do this, he will need:

– Two lengths of fairly thick bamboo cane (which can…

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