Dominant not domineering…#TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@MamaD8)

what a dom should be…not only domineering…but caring too!

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Hello lovely peeps, Doris here with more of her Tuesday Thoughts on all things Domly this time, so gather close. I may or may not be ranting a little, too. You have been warned.

This post ties in quite nicely with my thoughts on how to write Alphas, not arseholes and my first post on BDSM. Check them out, if you’ve missed them. 🙂

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The dictionary defines a Dominant thus:




  1. 1.

having power and influence over others.

“they are now in an even more dominant position in the market”

synonyms:presiding, ruling, governing, controlling, commandingascendant,supremeauthoritative, most influential, most powerful, superior;More

Even in that definition, it doesn’t state domineering, however.

A true Dominant is certainly not domineering. That would make him an arse at best and up for an assault charge at worst.

Dominance is something that you either have or you…

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