Mark my body, please…

what do bruises, welts or scratches remind you? And which do you prefer for pain: thuddy or stingy sensations? Krystalla gives her opinions here.

Krystalla: The musings of a poly-submissive girl

I love seeing marks left on my body by loved ones. Knowing others who don’t like when they happens to them, I’ve wondered why. Is it the sight of them specifically?

Since embracing my masochistic side, I enjoy what happens to make the bruises, welts, and scratches. But is it them specifically that I like?

I think it’s not necessarily the marks themselves that I like, but the visual reminder of an amazing time had with a wholly trusted partner. Sure the colours can fade prettily, but it’s looking at them that gets me smiling. Or, in the case of bruises on my ass, neck, or other places I seem to unconsciously touch often, the biting pain reminder for a little while after. Plus, I do seem to be more of a visual learner.

I was asked the other week if I’d choose between a stingy pain or a thuddy…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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