Can a slave be a sub?

it’s hard to imaging a #slave in the #bdsm sense NOT being a submissive but here is at least one example.


An interesting post by MsScarletUK points out:

So a slave may or may not be a sub. A sub may or may not be in a relationship as a slave

Her post shed some light on my relationship with Maggie.

I wondered why Maggie didn’t care if I subbed to her. There are times when she does some of the chores. Of course, she’ll say “I like to have it done my way,” or “I can do it better”, etc.  but on the whole, we have a vanilla relationship when it comes to the mundane things. Scarlet also wrote:

someone cannot be a slave if they are not in a relationship

our relationship started when Maggie said:

“I want you to be my sex-slave” to which I agreed. By this she means that she plans and directs our sexual activity. Slavery is the basis of our relationship at least with the intimacy and sex.

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2 Responses to Can a slave be a sub?

  1. maeve says:

    I guess it all depends on your personal definition of both. In my experience a slave is a sub but with less control. I see a sub with more freedom than a slave. As a slave myself, I am wholly committed to submission and service to my Master. I don’t understand how slavery is not submission in any form

    • dave94015 says:

      MsScarlet defines subs as people who are forced to do things they don’t consent to. Slaves give complete control to their master and have no option to sub. I respectfully disagree with her as my relationship with my partner is both as a slave & a sub. – like yours. Thanks for pointing this out!

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