We are whores, and what are you?

A translation of Thierry Schaffauser’s views on sex-work & feminism

Thierry Schaffauser

Text by Morgane Merteuil, general secretary of STRASS.

Translated from French by Luca Darkholme.

We are whores, and what are you?

Discussions about sex work often are an excuse for a surge of violence from those who have understood that to make part of the population disappear you need to find ways to silence it, to discredit its speech. Indeed, as soon as we, whores, are claiming the right to be so, to practice our work legally, in security, we are accused of being a « minority », as if this fact alone should compromise our demands.

Yes, persons who are fighting for their rights always have been minority groups. More exactly, it is because we belong to a minority, because of our status that “no one would want for their children” that we have to fight against ongoing discriminations, not only unofficial, but also official: not content with stigmatizing us…

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