Sex Work is…work


Male Sex Work and Society – Victor Minichiello,John Scott   Male Sex Work and Society Book


I love to be sexually dominated by another man…‘traditional sex’,[with women] …stopped working for me  #sexWork Male Sex Workers Reveal The Truth About Their Lives And Clients


when it comes to sex – everyone prefers different things, & working out what to do & when is vital. Fluidity is key Life as a male sex worker


They hang out at the bar when I work the night shift, usually waiting for calls from clients.

“I hate it when gay guys criticize me for selling it ‘on the street'” Jim, an early 20’s college-looking-type sex worker said, “For one thing I don’t work the street or troll the bars for clients anymore – they text me when they want my services. I ‘ll go to the back room of the bar with guys that I like for free. I appreciate it if they want to buy me a drink.”

“I see some of my former clients for free,” Al, a mid-20’s guy said, “if they come to me when I’m ready. But if they call and expect me to come to their place at 2 AM, there’s a charge for that”.

“What keeps you going?” I asked them.

“There are guys who want discrete sex  and money is no problem for them,” Jim said.

“And we give them a professional service they’re not likely to get from a ‘date'”, Al said.

“Do you think you guys would leave the business if you had a good paying job?” I asked.

“Hell no,” Al said.

“Job? ” Jim said, “there are no jobs that pay me like this here .”

“But,” I pointed out, “don’t most clients prefer younger guys?”

“Yeah,” Al said, “I noticed the number of calls drop off this winter”

“So,” I asked them, “what’re you going to do when you age out of it?”

“I’m studying to be a sex-therapist,” Jim said.

“I’m going into bdsm,” Al said, “there’s a high demand for that from older guys.”



We are whores which for you automatically means we are victims of an economic system that merchandises all of us  Thierry Schaffauser






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