Philosopher’s Stone Unturned: Polyamory

This post is a refresher on #polyamory and how the author lives it with her partners.

Philosopher's Stone Unturned

BewilderedWilliam asks:

Okay, so what actually is poly?

Great Question!  For all of you with furrowed eyebrows, BewilderedWilliam is referring to Polyamory, a subculture of folks who have loving relationships with multiple people at once.  Non-monogamy is a HUGE SUBJECT, one I have been studying for years, in practice and on paper. So if you want to do some serious research, please get your hands on a copy of:

The Ethical Slut, the polyamorous Bible, which helps the leiman grasp the core concepts of non-monogamy


Opening Up which focuses more on the nitty-gritty, real-life issues faced by non-monogamous individuals

Alright.  The basics.  The question I usually get asked first is…. “So is that like polygamy?”


Polygamy refers specifically to a situation where one person (usually a man) is married to multiple partners (usually women).  These days, this practice is seen in the US almost exclusively within the…

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