DubiousDave asks: Subspace

This post explains how to reach subspace…and avoid mid-scene speed bumps….especially for guys who don’t get that experience at places like the Citadel, Alchemy, Sanctuary, Paddles or other popular play-spaces

Philosopher's Stone Unturned

DubiousDave asks:

I’m a bartender in a kink neighborhood of SF. Some guys tell me they have never felt subspace from participating in scenes or private one-on-one play. They’ll say they experience the pain but little more than that.  Do you think they haven’t had the right experience, haven’t gone far enough or is it something innate to them?

First of all, thanks to Dave for being my first responder!  Please check out Dave’s blog – he also has a lot to say on BDSM, polyamory, and other overlapping issues, and puts me in good company on WordPress.

This is a great question, in part because it addresses so much about Submission.  To start, I am tempted to say that a difference in sub experience might stem from the fact that these people are men.  While it’s true, men are socialized from birth to be more aggressive, dominant, and selfish, and…

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