Always pay your rent

are you paying just enough ‘rent’ on your relationship to your partners? Here’s a reason to pay more.

poly pride

Pay-RentI can’t take credit for this, but damn I wish I could…. It’s a must read.

“Human nature seems to indicate that all relationships are based on need. And that when people can mutually sate each other’s needs, a relationship is formed. The relationship will generally last until the one person can no longer fulfil the need of the other, or the need no longer exists. Once this happens to one of the people in the relationship, it will begin to die. It may stagger onwards for a little longer out of loyalty. But it’s pretty much run it’s course.

The act of fulfilling a need in the life of a relationship partner, is something I’ve started calling “Paying the rent”. Because despite what people believe, no relationships are intrinsically permanent. You can’t buy a relationship. The best you can do is rent one.

Now, there are a hundred and…

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